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Balance Transfer top up loan

Balance transfer of loan is the process where a customer transfers his outstanding principal amount to another bank or financial institute for a better rate of interest and also better features. Balance transfer is a very lucrative facility for individuals who have taken a loan, but surprisingly very few avail of it Every individual that has taken a loan should opt for a balance transfer at least once during the tenure of the loan. Balance transfer reduces you interest rates and finally enables you to save on the interest you have to pay. Also, income levels of an individual are dynamic and what you currently earn maybe more than what you earned two years ago .Balance transfer is a great facility that lets you reexamine your debt ratio and also allows you to repay the loan faster with lower rate of interest.

Most of the bank's do balance transfer with all the products such as Home Loan. Loan Against Property. Personal loan etc.

Top Up Loan

A top up loan basically allows you to avail a loan amount on your existing loan. Top up loan can be availed after serving 6 to 12 EMI's. Top up loan amount is available on all major products such as Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Personal Loan. Every Product has its own criteria to avail the loan amount.

An interesting aspect of a top-up loan is that it can be used to meet your personal requirements which includes furnishing your home, higher education, purchase of furniture, business requirements, children's marriage etc.

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